Golden Age Cities


Explore one or some of the Golden Age cities of the Netherlands

The Netherlands may seem like a tiny country today compared to its neighbors but this country is rich in history and has influenced the modern world more than most of its neighbours. The Netherlands played a major role during ‘The Age of Discovery’, one of the first few countries to explore America’s in the West and the Indies in the East. The exploration, followed by Colonisation and Slave trade made the country extremely rich during the 17th century and was considered as the ‘The Golden Age’.

During this tour visit one of few of the Dutch Golden age cities including Haarlem, Leiden, Delft, The Hague, Rotterdam, Dordrecht, Middelburg, Hoorn & Enkhuizen.

In Delft, you will have the possibility to visit the beautiful ‘Royal Delft Blue’, where you will learn firsthand about the Dutch Blue pottery.

practical Info

  • Involves long drives on highway


  • Optional Boat ride in Delft  €9,50 PP
  • Optional Boat ride in Haarlem €15 PP
  • Optional Boat ride in Leiden €12 PP
  • Optional Boat ride in Haarlem €8 PP
  • Optional Boat ride in Middelburg €8 PP
  • Optional Boat ride in Hoorn €16,50 PP (MInimum 4 people)