Batavia Land / Zuider Zee Tour

Batavia ship

During this tour, we will be visiting 3 different attractions.

Batavia Land: The major attraction of Batavia Land is the replica of the 17th-century ship, named ‘Batavia’. The original ‘Batavia’ ship was built around the 17th century by the Dutch East Indies company. Batavia was built to sail to what is today called as Indonesia but ended up in Australia. In 1629 the original ship perished off the West Australian Coast. Apart from the replica, you will learn about the process of the ship making and witness the making of ‘ The 7 Province’, a replica of the famous 17th-century ship.

Batavia Stad: Located in the Batavia Quarter (same as Batavia Land), ‘Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet’ is home to over 200 outlets that sell fashion brands, Accessories, Home decor, and Kids fashion. The fashion outlet offers a great variety of shops, set in a chic atmosphere, which makes for a pleasant shopping experience.

Zuiderzee Museum: A must visit during your trip to the country. Zuiderzee museum exhibits via Outdoor and Indoor display, the life of the former Zuiderzee region. learn more about how life was in this region before the famous Dike changed it forever.


  • Involves a good amount of walking
  • Involves a short boat ride in Zuiderzee Museum


  • Batavia Land €16 PP
  • Zuiderzee Museum €17 PP